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It’s disturbing.  The articles and posts these days that find fault with nearly everything Christians do. It’s trendy.  Social media rants and click-bait titles such as: “10 Things Christians do that are Totally Annoying.” It’s expected.  For unbelievers to attack Christians in this way. It’s heartbreaking.  When the writers are Christians themselves. It’s unfair.  To […]

Man Working Above

A utility truck rumbled up in front of my house today.  I didn’t know what it was doing there.  I was afraid to ask.  A guy wearing a safety vest and helmet hopped out and started setting up shop.  He had the whole array of spinning lights, signs and traffic cones going.  Apparently a towering […]

The Open Window

The waning days of summer are a reflection of warm, feel-good experiences in our Rhode Island beach town.  Countless seasonal visitors return here every year, seeking the charm of a coastal New England vacation.  The seaside community near our house is a postcard of traditional Americana, with tidy cedar-shake homes overlooking wind-swept rocky shorelines.  My […]

Fuzzy Blue Rectangles

Final bids at a recent New York City art auction soared well over $40,000,000.  Yet the subject of the frenzied closing was nothing more than a few yards of canvas and a thin layer of pigment.  Forty. Million.  Dollars.  It’s hard to fathom.  You might assume we’re talking about a famous painting by Monet, Picasso, […]

1001 Strange but True Facts

– A flying snake can flatten its body like a wing and glide for distances over 300 feet. – The tongue of a blue whale can weigh more than an adult elephant. My son, Dave, loves reading books of interesting facts like these.  He pores over the pages, offering a cascade of odd knowledge to anyone […]

Hold the Onions, Please

Onions.  A truly loathsome ingredient.  To say I dislike onions would be giving them way too much credit.  I can’t imagine anyone taking delight in such a repulsive flavor.  What redeeming value is there to a food that makes you cry… or rhymes with “bunion”?  And who was the first person to yank one out […]

Flying the Friendly Skies

Flight attendants ran through their routine safety presentation — demonstrating the complex workings of the seat belts and vaguely gesturing towards various emergency exits. No one was paying any attention to them. It was the beginning of what we all assumed would be just another normal flight. The thrust of the engines pressed us back […]

Happy Meal Christians

Ahhh, the “Happy Meal” at McDonalds. What parent hasn’t sheepishly included those two words in a McOrder at some point? It’s an American tradition–a virtual rite of passage in parenting–presenting that graceless red box of goodies to your kiddos: a burger/nuggets, fries, drink, and of course… the toy. And, oh, what a memorable item this […]

Memorizing Scripture in a High Tech Society

I spotted the old black box deep in the office closet.  It was heavier than I remembered as I pried it from the crowded shelf.  Setting it down on the desk where my dad used to study, I paused and swept a thin layer of dust from the top.  It was like a scene from […]

Snow Delay

“Oh no – more snow!”  I cried out loud, peering through the window this morning.  Picturesque images of a cozy New England winter have long lost their appeal.  Even the infamous “snow lovers” have grown curiously quiet.  You know the type… friends that trumpet impending snowstorms on Facebook or Twitter, jubilantly posting images of weather […]