The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

Junk Mail in Heaven

500 million pieces. That’s how much mail the US Postal service processes every single day. That’s 350,000 per minute… 6,000 per second! Those are pretty impressive stats, but how much of that mail is really worthwhile? I mean, how many pieces include the words: “SALE”… “pre-approved credit”… or “Publisher’s Clearinghouse?” I never really think about […]

A Night at the Museum

Art museums all have a similar vibe, don’t they? The hushed galleries, curiously high ceilings, and nonsensical floor plans. Guards lurk in every doorway like monitors in after-school detention. Gaudy frames line every wall, and an assemblage of clothing-optional statues pose with dramatic flair – most missing a limb or two, a head or a […]

Turning 50

Several days ago I crossed into an entirely new dimension in life…. or maybe I should say, old dimension? Yes, last week I passed the half century mark. My fifth decade. Or as I like to think of it, the 20th anniversary of my 30th birthday. Honestly, turning 50 isn’t much different than any previous […]

That’s Cheating!

A couple of years ago I bought myself an electric bike… and a bizarre pattern began to emerge. No, I didn’t start gaining weight or losing muscle tone! It was simply a recurring phrase I heard from those who asked about the bike. It didn’t matter if they were friends or complete strangers. When I […]


It’s a bit like watching sleight of hand.  Both my sons have become virtual magicians at solving a Rubik’s cube.  Twisting, turning… fingers flying at jaw-dropping speed… unscrambling the spinning perplexity in a mere 15 seconds or so. For a guy who grew up in the cube-crazed 80s, this is both amazing — and totally […]

Grace for Speeders

I heard them before I saw them. A couple guys in an ultra-sporty coupe — flashy rims, buzz-saw muffler, and a stereo that rattled the change on my dashboard. They darted in and out of heavy traffic like a bee at a flower show; each blinker-less lane change earning them the scorn of everyone on […]

A Dramatic Turn of Events

Whether you’re a football fan or not, Super Bowl 51 was an epic game for the ages!  Against all odds, the New England Patriots turned a seemingly hopeless situation into a record-setting comeback victory. For those of us living in New England, the hoopla following the Patriots’ historic overtime win was inescapable.  Blue and white […]

Redefining Snooze

It may be one of the worst “innovations” of all time… the snooze button. It’s amazing that virtually every alarm clock in the world has this puzzling feature:  a button which counteracts the very purpose it was designed for.  Think about it.  Imagine a car with a “get out and walk” switch on the dashboard. […]

Uncertain Forecast?

Sometimes I think I’d like to be a weather forecaster. Who wouldn’t love a job where “a 50% chance of rain” is actually considered an acceptable conclusion?  What other position offers complete job security for providing answers with the same credibility as a coin toss?  Imagine an airline pilot under those same constraints… “Ladies and […]

Forgetting God

Was it all just a bad dream? I woke up with a start and a lingering sense of uneasiness.  My brain feverishly assessed the situation… those few odd moments between sleeping and waking. It wasn’t a horrific nightmare.  I wasn’t being chased by hungry wolves or terrorized by a madman.  I simply dreamed that I […]