The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

On Procrastination and Priorities

There’s an oh-so-relevant-to-the-21st century story buried deep in the Old Testament: Haggai. You gotta read it. It’s only two chapters long so it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Basically the story goes like this. God’s people returned to the Promised Land from captivity in Babylon with high hopes of a better life. They started […]

Converting Worry to Prayer

“If I peer anxiously into the fog of the future, I will strain my spiritual eyes so that I will not see clearly what is required of me now. ” —Elisabeth Elliot I just read this bit of wisdom in Elisabeth Elliot’s classic,┬áKeep A Quiet Heart. I suspect that many of us are short on […]