The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

The Amazing Machine

Have you ever been on a factory tour? You know, one of those deals where you see how root beer is made, or something like that? I remember touring a facility once that produced condiments. The guide led us through a sea of twirling machinery… robotic arms twisted to-and-fro, and rows of colorful bottles whizzed […]

It’s Your Move

The U-Haul was loaded and waiting outside. It was August 1995, and the “reset button” of my life was about to be pressed. Within the span of a month, I would sell my business in Chicago, move to New England, marry my fiancée, start attending a new church, and begin working full-time for Growing Christians […]

Back to the Future

It’s one of the best moments of the year.   No, I’m not talking about Christmas morning or Super Bowl Sunday.   It happened just over a week ago – that moment we go BACK IN TIME; when we get to turn the clocks back an hour.   It’s like magic.   It’s like owning your own DeLorean with a […]

Say Something Presidential

Hillary, Marco, Ben, Carly, Bernie, Donald… what do these candidates all have in common? Besides sparring for the same job opening, they share one dubious distinction:  virtually every word they speak will be analyzed by the entire country.  I don’t envy these folks.  No matter what stance they take on any issue, they can expect […]


It’s disturbing.  The articles and posts these days that find fault with nearly everything Christians do. It’s trendy.  Social media rants and click-bait titles such as: “10 Things Christians do that are Totally Annoying.” It’s expected.  For unbelievers to attack Christians in this way. It’s heartbreaking.  When the writers are Christians themselves. It’s unfair.  To […]

Man Working Above

A utility truck rumbled up in front of my house today.  I didn’t know what it was doing there.  I was afraid to ask.  A guy wearing a safety vest and helmet hopped out and started setting up shop.  He had the whole array of spinning lights, signs and traffic cones going.  Apparently a towering […]

The Open Window

The waning days of summer are a reflection of warm, feel-good experiences in our Rhode Island beach town.  Countless seasonal visitors return here every year, seeking the charm of a coastal New England vacation.  The seaside community near our house is a postcard of traditional Americana, with tidy cedar-shake homes overlooking wind-swept rocky shorelines.  My […]

Fuzzy Blue Rectangles

Final bids at a recent New York City art auction soared well over $40,000,000.  Yet the subject of the frenzied closing was nothing more than a few yards of canvas and a thin layer of pigment.  Forty. Million.  Dollars.  It’s hard to fathom.  You might assume we’re talking about a famous painting by Monet, Picasso, […]

1001 Strange but True Facts

– A flying snake can flatten its body like a wing and glide for distances over 300 feet. – The tongue of a blue whale can weigh more than an adult elephant. My son, Dave, loves reading books of interesting facts like these.  He pores over the pages, offering a cascade of odd knowledge to anyone […]

Hold the Onions, Please

Onions.  A truly loathsome ingredient.  To say I dislike onions would be giving them way too much credit.  I can’t imagine anyone taking delight in such a repulsive flavor.  What redeeming value is there to a food that makes you cry… or rhymes with “bunion”?  And who was the first person to yank one out […]