The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

New Year’s Resolutions

I love New Year’s Resolutions. For me, they are a blank slate, a chance to dream about all life could be and to leave behind any failures or disappointments of the previous year. For many years the same two resolutions topped my list: Pray more and read my Bible more. I was sincere and, really, […]

Antidote to the Christmas Treadmill #3

Here are some words from Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch devotional that brought my treadmill to a screeching stop for a few minutes today: “We cannot allow ourselves to drift into a materialistic view of Christmas along with the rest of the world. In a month of colored lights and glowing candles, we should be […]

Antidote to the Christmas Treadmill #2

I’ve been mulling over Rick Warren’s words about all of us wanting to get off the Christmas treadmill but not quite knowing how. Here’s one thing to try during the coming week: listen to the Christmas story being told all around you. “What?” you say. “This is 2005. We’re not even allowed to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in […]

Antidote to the Christmas Treadmill #1

Words to think about this Christmas from Rick Warren: Most of us know that the key to the “best Christmas ever” is not buying more or doing more, the problem is–we just don’t know how to get off the treadmill. How do you stay focused on the things that are important and get un-focused from the […]

More God Reminders

John Fischer, songwriter and author, writes a daily devotional for the Purpose Driven Life ministries. He recently recalled being inspired during his senior year at Wheaton by the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer to “keep on” with the faith. His roommate and he were so moved by Dr. Schaeffer’s words that they stenciled “KEEP ON” repeatedly […]

What Are You Praying About?

This morning I read the following in Skip Hertzig’s book, When God Prays: “Our true priorities–the things that are really important to us–will show themselves in our prayer life.” This gets me thinking that if we want to do a self-diagnostic about what’s at the top of our personal “to do” lists we might ask the […]

Surviving Holiday Entertaining: Epilogue

Phew! Thanksgiving is over and we all survived! But before we move on, one last lesson may be helpful–especially since Christmas entertaining is less than four weeks away! So, Lesson #5: remember the miracles that sat around your table on Thursday.  After entertaining it’s sometimes easy to dwell on the new stain on the couch, that […]

Surviving Holiday Entertaining: Lesson #4

Lesson #4 from Mary and Martha’s Holiday Survival Guide: Make it your goal to facilitate other people’s worship this season, even if it is only by quietly doing your job without complaint. I find it interesting that at the second dinner where we meet Mary and Martha (John 12:1-3), the only thing the Bible tells us about […]

Surviving Holiday Entertaining: Lesson #2

When you feel yourself getting worried and upset by the “many things,” bring your focus back to the one thing that is necessary. For those few of you who are faithful blog readers, you know I’ve talked about this one necessary thing before. Unfortuantely, I need to keep reminding myself about it! My Bible practically […]

Surviving Holiday Entertaining: Lesson #1

Thanksgiving is a little more than a week away and I have to admit that what is foremost in my mind is all that I have to do between now and then to get dinner for 14 on the table. I mean, much as I enjoy it–or maybe because I enjoy it–I get totally ridiculous […]