The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

A Legacy of Drips

The aging house hadn’t been painted in 10 or 15 years.  The once-bright walls had long since faded, and weathered stains under the windows were like dark circles under its eyes after a sleepless night.  Years of neglect had taken their toll.  This home didn’t belong to me, but I was tasked with the job of repainting.  It […]

Stones and Daggers

“I think something’s wrong…” My wife stopped what she was doing and looked at me curiously.  “I have a really weird pain in my back.” I wasn’t being fully honest.  Something was very wrong, but I didn’t want to admit it.  Just moments before, I sat peacefully on the couch with my laptop… but now it felt like […]

The Visitor

We’ve had an unusual visitor this summer.  He shows up at our front door around the same time every night, never bothering to call first.  We just leave the light on and assume we’ll see him at some point.  He stays for hours, relaxing and eating before heading home in the wee hours of the morning.  OK, before […]

Google it

How many insects does a toad eat in one day?What’s the tallest waterfall in the world?How hot is lava? My son, Dave, loves googling random things.  It’s like he has Google on speed-dial.  Every conversation leads to new questions that need answers. But searching for interesting tidbits is not a new mindset for him.  As a youngster, his […]

Dr. Dave’s Secret Weapon

I’ve heard a lot of great things said about my dad (Dr. Dave) over the years — all well deserved.  But not as many people know about his secret weapon:  my mom!  It’s amazing what an important role she played in the entire scope of his ministry.  As the saying goes, behind every great man is a great woman.  […]

The Unpopular Opinion Game

If you’re on social media, you’ve surely seen posts like this – especially these days, when anything remotely engaging is being recirculated. So what are 10 things I dislike that other people like? 1. The smell of coffee2. Talking politics3. Onions4. Alcoholic beverages5. Netflix binges6. Seafood7. Twitter8. Spending a whole day at the beach9. Hip […]

Nowhere to Hide

Monday, 4/13/2020… 2:00 PM The storm has been raging all day. Violent gusts of wind pound our house; the walls groan and shudder from the sustained assault. Sheets of horizontal rain lash at the windows like percussionists in a drum line. A blanket of fallen branches thickens over the driveway, and a runaway trash can […]

Through the Eyes of a Dog

It was a familiar sight as I climbed into the car today: my dogs staring sadly out the front window at me.   Just moments earlier they danced circles by the door, eagerly hoping to be included… only to be disappointed… again.  Surely they must despise this contraption in the driveway that whisks me away from them so often.  […]

The Perfect Gift

If aliens from another planet landed in America, they would probably conclude that all Earthlings exist for 11 months in relative frugality, only to spend the last four weeks of the year madly buying everything in sight. This year’s shopping frenzy shows no signs of departing from that trend.  But the exhilaration to shop seasonal deals masks […]

Fast Food in a Ferarri?

It was a masterpiece on wheels. The supercar glistened in the parking spot next to mine, daring anyone not to turn and stare. The tires gleamed in the sunlight like polished onyx, and glassy smooth paint glowed a deep scarlet with rich black accents. I paused to marvel at the luxurious leather seats and spotless […]