Talks from Romans can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

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Passage Title
Romans 1:1-7 Paul’s Greeting to the Christians at Rome
Romans 1:8-17 The Apostle Paul Tells of His Plans to Come to Rome
Romans 1:18-23 The Whole World Is Guilty Before God
Romans 1:24-32 The Consequences of Rejecting God
Romans 2:1-5 Even “Good” People Are Guilty Before God
Romans 2:6-16 Principles Concerning the Righteous Judgment of God
Romans 2:17-29 Even the Religious Jews Were Guilty Before God
Romans 3:1-20 All the World Is Guilty Before God
Romans 3:21-31 God’s Wonderful Plan of Salvation for Everyone
Romans 4:1-8 God’s Way of Salvation Is Not a New Way
Romans 4:9-15 Salvation is Apart from Any Rituals or Rules
Romans 4:16-25 Salvation Has Always Been By Grace Through Faith Alone
Romans 5:1-11 Blessings and Benefits for Christians
Romans 5:12-21 We Are Sinners by Nature, All the Way Back to Adam
Romans 6:1-11 The Truth of the Believer’s Spiritual Position in Christ
Romans 6:12-14 Further Exhortation Concerning Our Sanctification
Romans 6:15-23 Because of God’s Grace, Believers Are Free
Romans 7:1-6 Christians Are Free from the Requirements of the Law
Romans 7:7-13 Why God Gave the Mosaic Law
Romans 7:14-20 Paul Shares With Us His Experience of Inward Struggle
Romans 7:21-25 Victory Over Sin if We Follow the Biblical Direction
Romans 8:1-11 The Good News that There Is a Solution to Sin in Our Lives
Romans 8:12-18 The Believer’s Present and Future Condition
Romans 8:19-30 God’s Ultimate Purpose is to Conform Us to the Image of Christ
Romans 8:31-39 The Truth Revealed in Romans 1-8 Concerning Our Salvation
Romans 9:1-5 What About God’s Program for the Nation of Israel?
Romans 9:6-13 God’s Plans for Israel Are According to His Sovereign Program
Romans 9:14-24 Questions Raised Concerning the Doctrine of God’s Sovereignty
Romans 9:25-33 God’s Plan Was to Have Gentiles and Jews Known as His People
Romans 10:1-13 The Righteousness of the Law and Faith
Romans 10:14-21 The Means God Uses to Bring People to Salvation
Romans 11:1-10 What About God’s Plans and Program for the Jewish People?
Romans 11:11-24 The Nation of Israel Will Return to the Lord in the Future
Romans 11:25-36 God’s Plans, Program, and Promises for the Jewish People
Romans 12:1-2 The Biblical Formula for Knowing the Will of God
Romans 12:3-8 Responsibility to Serve Others in the Body of Christ
Romans 12:9-13 Maintaining Peace and Harmony in the Christian Family
Romans 12:14-21 Guidelines Given to Believers on How to Relate to Unbelievers
Romans 13:1-7 Responsibility to be Subject to Governing Authorities
Romans 13:8-14 Believers Are Exhorted to Walk in Love and Light
Romans 14:1-9 Weak Christians and Strong Christians
Romans 14:10-13 The Great Truth of the Judgment Seat of Christ
Romans 14:14-23 Factors that Should Govern the Christian’s Use of Liberty
Romans 15:1-7 Weak Christians and Strong Christians
Romans 15:8-13 God Cares for the Gentiles as Well as the Jews
Romans 15:14-21 Paul Begins His Closing Remarks of This Great Epistle
Romans 15:22-32 Paul Continues with His Closing Remarks
Romans 16:1-16 Paul’s Greetings to a Number of the Christians at Rome
Romans 16:17-20 The Dangers of False Teaching and Unsound Doctrine
Romans 16:21-27 Closing Greetings from Paul and His Associates