Talks from Matthew can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

Passage Title
Matthew 1:1-17 The Genealogy of the Lord Jesus
Matthew 1:18-25 The Angel’s Announcement to Joseph
Matthew 2:1-12 The Wise Men who Came from the East to Worship the True King
Matthew 2:13-23 Joseph, Mary and Jesus went to Egypt until the death of Herod
Matthew 3 The Ministry of John the Baptist, and our Lord’s Baptism
Matthew 4:1-11 The Testing of the Lord Jesus in the Judean Wilderness
Matthew 4:12-25 The Beginning of our Lord’s Galilean Ministry, and the Call of Four Disciples
Matthew 5:1-16 The Beatitudes
Matthew 5:17-30 Jewish Leaders’ Misinterpretation of Commandments of the Law
Matthew 5:31-37 Our Lord’s Views on Divorce and on the Taking of Oaths
Matthew 5:38-48 Other Misinterpretations of the Law Corrected by the Lord
Matthew 6:1-15 The Right View on Giving and on Prayer
Matthew 6:16-24 The Lord Discusses Fasting and the Proper Attitude Toward Money
Matthew 6:25-34 Our Heavenly Father Knows our Needs and our Future, and He Cares for Us
Matthew 7:1-6 Believers are not to Judge Motives or be Fault-finders
Matthew 7:7-12 “Ask, Seek, and Knock” and “The Golden Rule”
Matthew 7:13-29 Two Gates and Ways, Two Trees and Fruits, Two Builders and Foundations
Matthew 8:1-13 The Healing of the Leper and the Healing of the Centurion’s Servant
Matthew 8:14-22 His Miracles Affirm Jesus Christ as Messiah; Teaching on Discipleship
Matthew 8:23-24 The Lord’s Power over Nature and His Power over Demons
Matthew 9:1-17 A Paralyzed Man is Healed, and Matthew is Called to be a Disciple
Matthew 9:18-26 Two More Miracles of Our Lord
Matthew 9:27-38 The Healing of Two Blind Men, and the Healing of a Demon-possessed Man
Matthew 10:1-23 The Disciples Were Told to Proclaim: the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand
Matthew 10:24-33 The Lord Exhorts and Encourages His Disciples
Matthew 10:34-42 The Lord Gives More Teaching and Encouragement to His Disciples
Matthew 11:1-19 The Lord Commends John the Baptist
Matthew 11:20-30 Judgment is Pronounced on the Unbelieving Towns of Galilee
Matthew 12:1-13 The Lord Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath
Matthew 12:14-37 The Pharisees Attribute the Lord’s Miracles to the Power of Satan
Matthew 12:38-50 The Lord Announces His Coming Death and Resurrection
Matthew 13:1-23 The Parable of the Sower and its Interpretation
Matthew 13:24-43 The Wheat and the Tares, the Mustard Seed; and the Leaven
Matthew 13:44-50 The Parable of the Treasure, the Pearl, and the Good and Bad Fish
Matthew 13:51-58 The Unbelief of the People, Despite the Lord’s Wisdom and Miracles
Matthew 14:1-12 The Martyrdom of John the Baptist
Matthew 14:13-21 The Miracle of the Feeding of the Five Thousand
Matthew 14:22-36 The Miracle of Our Lord Walking on the Sea of Galilee
Matthew 15:1-20 The Lord Condemned the Pharisees for Their Moral Defilement
Matthew 15:21-39 The Healing of a Demon Possessed Young Girl, and Feeding Four Thousand
Matthew 16:1-12 The Pharisees and Sadducees Ask the Lord For a “Sign”
Matthew 16:13-18 Peter’s Confession of Faith and the Lord Announces that He Will Build His Church
Matthew 16:19-28 Peter is Rebuked for being a Stumbling Block
Matthew 17:1-13 The Transfiguration
Matthew 17:14-21 The Lord Heals a Demon-Possessed Boy
Matthew 17:22-27 The Lord Again Announces His Coming Death and Resurrection
Matthew 18:1-14 Stumbling a Little One in the Faith is a Serious Sin
Matthew 18:15-20 The Procedure to Follow if a Fellow Believer Sins Against You
Matthew 18:21-35 A Parable on Forgiving One Another
Matthew 19:1-12 Our Lord’s Comments on Divorce and Celibacy
Matthew 19:13-30 Our Lord Blesses the Children and the Account of the Rich Young Ruler
Matthew 20:1-16 The Parable of the Landowner and the Laborers
Matthew 20:17-28 Greatness in the Kingdom of God is not Determined by the World’s Standards
Matthew 20:29-34 Two Blind Men Healed by Our Lord as He Left Jericho
Matthew 21:1-11 The Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
Matthew 21:12-22 The Cleansing of the Temple and the Cursing of the Fig Tree
Matthew 21:23-32 The Parable of the Two Sons
Matthew 21:33-46 The Parable of the Landowner and the Wicked Tenants
Matthew 22:1-14 The Parable of the Wedding Feast and the Invited Guests
Matthew 22:15-33 The Lord Answers Questions that were Designed to Discredit Him
Matthew 22:34-46 The Lord is Asked about the Greatest Commandment
Matthew 23:1-12 The Lord’s Denunciation of the Scribes and Pharisees for their Hypocrisy
Matthew 23:13-39 The Lord Pronounced Woes Against the Self Righteous Scribes and Pharisees and
Lamented over Jerusalem
Matthew 24:1-14 The First Section of our Lord’s “Olivet Discourse”
Matthew 24:15-31 The Great Tribulation and the Return of the Lord
Matthew 24:32-39 The Parable of the Fig Tree Indicates the Time of His Return
Matthew 24:40-51 Be Ready and Watchful for the Lord’s Return!
Matthew 25:1-13 The Parable of the Ten Virgins – a Parable of the Kingdom of Heaven
Matthew 25:14-30 The Parable of the Talents
Matthew 25:31-46 The Future Judgment of the Nations
Matthew 26:1-16 The Plot to Get Rid of Jesus, and the Anointing of Jesus by Mary
Matthew 26:17-30 The Celebration of the Passover, and the Institution of the
Lord’s Supper
Matthew 26:31-56 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
Matthew 26:57-75 Our Lord’s Trial Before Caiaphas, and Peter’s Denial of the Lord
Matthew 27:1-10 Our Lord’s Trial Before the Sanhedrin, the Ruling Body of the Jews
Matthew 27:11-26 The Lord’s Trial Before Pilate, the Roman Governor of Judea and Samaria
Matthew 27:27-44 Matthew’s Account of Our Lord’s Crucifixion
Matthew 27:45-66 Our Lord’s Death and Burial
Matthew 28:1-10 The Resurrection of Christ
Matthew 28:11-20 The Great Commission of Our Lord to Evangelize the World