Talks from Genesis can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

Passage Title
Genesis 1:1 ‎God Created the Heavens and the Earth
Genesis 1:2 ‎The Earth Was Without Form and Void
Genesis 1:3-23 ‎God's Work on the First Five Days of Creation Week
Genesis 1:24-27 God Creates Man on the Sixth Day of Creation Week
Genesis 1:28-31 God Pronounces that His Creation is Very Good
Genesis 2:1-7 Further Details of the Creation Account
Genesis 2:8-17 The Garden of Eden; the Test of Man’s Obedience
Genesis 2:18-25 ‎The Formation of Eve and the First Marriage
Genesis 3:1-7 ‎The Temptation of Adam and Eve
Genesis 3:8-24 ‎The Fall of Man and the Promise of a Redeemer
Genesis 4:1-12 ‎Cain and Abel
Genesis 4:13-26 ‎God's Judgment of Cain and the Birth of Seth
Genesis 5 A Genealogy from Adam to Noah
Genesis 6:1-12 Mankind was Wicked Before the World Wide Flood
Genesis 6:13-22 God’s Instructions to Noah
Genesis 7:1-16 Noah, His Family, and the Animals Enter the Ark
Genesis 7:17-24 The Extent and Results of the Flood
Genesis 8:1-12 The Ark Rests on Mt. Ararat
Genesis 8:13-22 Noah Sacrifice to the Lord
Genesis 9:1-7 Post-Flood Conditions;  Capital Punishment Instituted
Genesis 9:8-17 The Rainbow as a Sign of God's Covenant
Genesis 9:18-29 Blessing and Cursing of Noah's Sons
Genesis 10 The Table of Seventy Nations and the Descendants of Noah’s Sons
Genesis 11:1-9 The Tower of Babel and the Confusion of Languages
Genesis 11:10-32 A Genealogy from Shem to Abraham
Genesis 12:1-9 The Abrahamic Covenant: the Unconditional Promise of a Land and a People
Genesis 12:10-20 Abraham Goes Down to Egypt
Genesis 13:1-9 Abraham and Lot Separate
Genesis 13:10-18 Lot Moves Toward Sodom; The Lord Confirms of His Promises to Abraham
Genesis 14:1-16 Abraham Rescues Lot After the Defeat of Sodom
Genesis 14:17-24 Abraham and Melchizedek; Abraham Refuses the King of Sodom's Offer
Genesis 15:1-6 The Lord Confirms to Abraham that He Would Have a Son
Genesis 15:7-21 God Confirms His Covenant with Abraham
Genesis 16:1-6 Abraham and Sarah Take God’s Promise into Their Own Hands
Genesis 16:7-16 The Lord Himself meets Hagar
Genesis 17:1-14 The Sign of the Abrahamic Covenant
Genesis 17:15-27 God’s Specific Promise that Sarah Would Bear a Son
Genesis 18:1-15 The Lord Appears to Abraham Again and Rebukes Sarah
Genesis 18:16-33 Abraham Intercedes With the Lord for Sodom
Genesis 19:1-14 The Arrival of the Two Angels in Sodom
Genesis 19:15-29 The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
Genesis 19:30-38 The Far-Reaching Results of Lot's Sin
Genesis 20:1-18 Abraham and Abimelech
Genesis 21:1-7 Isaac, the Promised Son, is Born
Genesis 21:8-21 Hagar and Ishmael Separate from Abraham and Sarah
Genesis 21:22-34 Abraham and Abimelech Make a Covenant
Genesis 22:1-8 God Asks Abraham to Offer Up His Son Isaac
Genesis 22:9-14 The Ram as Substitute Sacrifice
Genesis 22:15-24 God’s Confirmation of His Covenant with Abraham
Genesis 23:1-20 The Death and Burial of Sarah
Genesis 24:1-9 Abraham Commissions His Servant to Go On a Journey
Genesis 24:10-28 Abraham Sends His Servant to Find a Wife for Isaac
Genesis 24:29-49 The Servant's Mission is Successful
Genesis 24:50-61 Rebekah Decides to Marry Isaac
Genesis 24:62-67 The Marriage of Isaac and Rebekah
Genesis 25:1-18 Abraham’s Death, and the Genealogy of Ishmael
Genesis 25:19-28 Jacob and Esau are Born
Genesis 25:29-34 Esau Sells His Birthright to Jacob
Genesis 26:1-16 Isaac’s Sojourn in the Land of the Philistines
Genesis 26:17-35 Isaac Moves Back to Beersheba and Makes a Treaty With Abimelech
Genesis 27:1-17 Rebekah's Plot to Get the Blessing for Jacob
Genesis 27:18-29 Jacob Deceives Isaac and Receives the Patriarchal Blessing
Genesis 27:30-46 Esau Discovers  that Jacob Received the Blessing; Isaac Submits to God's Will
Genesis 28:1-9 Isaac Sends Jacob Away to Find a Suitable Wife
Genesis 28:10-22 Jacob’s Dream of the Ladder Between Heaven and Earth
Genesis 29:1-14 Jacob Meets Rachel, His Future Wife
Genesis 29:15-30 Laban Tricks Jacob into Marrying Leah
Genesis 29:31-30:24 Friction in Jacob’s Family
Genesis 30:25-43 The Last Six Years of Jacob’s Sojourn in Haran
Genesis 31:1-21 Jacob Heads for Home
Genesis 31:22-35 Laban Pursues Jacob; God Protects Jacob
Genesis 31:36-55 Jacob and Laban make a Covenant
Genesis 32:1-21 Jacob Prepares to Meet His Brother Esau
Genesis 32:22-32 The Wrestling Match Between Jacob and the Angel of the Lord
Genesis 33:1-20 Jacob and Esau Meet Peacefully
Genesis 34:1-12 Jacob and His Family in Shechem
Genesis 34:13-31 The Deceit of Jacob’s Sons, and the Massacre at Shechem
Genesis 35:1-15 Renewal in Jacob’s Life
Genesis 35:16-29 The Deaths of Rachael and Isaac
Genesis 36:1-43 Esau’s Descendants and the Early History of Edom
Genesis 37:1-11 Joseph's Dreams
Genesis 37:12-25 The Brothers Plot to Get Rid of Joseph
Genesis 37:25-36 Joseph Sold As a Slave by His Own Brothers
Genesis 38:1-30 Judah’s Sin with Tamar
Genesis 39:1-6 Joseph Is Sold As a Slave to Potiphar
Genesis 39:7-12 Potiphar’s Wife Attempts to Seduce Joseph
Genesis 39:13-23 Joseph is Falsely Accused and Sent to Prison
Genesis 40:1-23 Joseph Interprets the Dreams of the Butler and Baker
Genesis 41:1-24 Pharaoh's Dreams
Genesis 41:25-45 Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams and Becomes Prime Minister of Egypt
Genesis 41:46-57 Seven Years of Plenty and Seven Years of Famine
Genesis 42:1-21 Joseph’s Brothers Come to Egypt During the Famine
Genesis 42:22-38 Joseph’s Brothers Return to Canaan From Egypt
Genesis 43:1-14 Joseph's Brothers Go Down to Egypt Again
Genesis 43:15-34 Joseph Tests His Brothers
Genesis 44:1-17 The Final Test For Joseph's Brothers
Genesis 44:18-34 Judah’s Plea For Benjamin
Genesis 45:1-15 Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers
Genesis 45:16-28 Jacob Learns that Joseph is Still Alive
Genesis 46:1-7 Jacob and His Family Join Joseph in Egypt
Genesis 46:8-34 The Descendants of Jacob Who Went Down to Egypt
Genesis 47:1-12 Pharaoh Meets Joseph's Family
Genesis 47:13-31 Joseph’s Administration During the Famine
Genesis 48:1-11 Jacob Adopts Joseph’s Sons
Genesis 48:12-22 Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons, Manasseh and Ephraim
Genesis 49:1-7 Jacob’s Prophecies about Reuben, Simeon and Levi
Genesis 49:8:15 Jacob’s Blessing on Judah, Zebulun and Issachar
Genesis 49:16-27 Jacob’s Blessings on Dan, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Joseph and Benjamin
Genesis 49:28-50:14 The Death and Burial of Jacob
Genesis 50:15-26 Joseph’s Last Days