Talks from Ezra can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

Passage Title
Ezra 1 Events Leading Up to the Jews' Return from Captivity in Babylon
Ezra 2 The Jewish Captives in Babylon Who Returned to Jerusalem
Ezra 3 The Jews Build an Altar and Begin the New Temple
Ezra 4 The Jews Face Opposition From the Surrounding Foreigners
Ezra 5 Work Finally Begins on the Temple, and Opposition Continues
Ezra 6 The Opposition’s Strategy Backfires and the Temple Is Completed
Ezra 7 Ezra and 2,000 more Jewish Exiles Return to Jerusalem
Ezra 8 The Jews Who Returned with Ezra to Jerusalem
Ezra 9 Ezra’s Great Concern and Prayer of Confession
Ezra 10 The Problem of Intermarriage with the Foreign Women