1 Chronicles

Talks from 1 Chronicles can be accessed by choosing one of the lessons listed below. Within each lesson you will be able to listen to the 15 minute talk and follow along with the provided study guide. You will also find the audio file, and a transcript of the talk available for download. These files are free to use and duplicate (without addition or deletion).

Passage Title
1 Chronicles 1 Genealogies from Adam to Jacob
1 Chronicles 2-3 Genealogies from Jacob to the Babylonian Captivity
1 Chronicles 4-5 Genealogical Records
1 Chronicles 6 The Genealogical Record of Tribe of Levi
1 Chronicles 7-9 The Conclusion of the Genealogical Section of 1 Chronicles
1 Chronicles 10-11 The Death of King Saul;  The Enthronement of King David
1 Chronicles 12 David’s Mighty Men and Loyal Followers
1 Chronicles 13-14 David Attempts to Bring the Ark to Jerusalem;  David’s Victories Over the Philistines
1 Chronicles 15 David Successfully Brings the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem
1 Chronicles 16 A Time of Praise and Worship in Jerusalem
1 Chronicles 17 The Davidic Covenant
1 Chronicles 18-20 David’s Victories Over His Enemies
1 Chronicles 21 David Numbers Israel;  The Future Site of Solomon’s Temple
1 Chronicles 22 Preparations for the Construction of the Temple
1 Chronicles 23 Further Preparations for the Construction of the Temple
1 Chronicles 24-25 David’s Organization of the Priests and Levites
1 Chronicles 26 Three More Groups of Levites are Appointed
1 Chronicles 27 David Organizes Israel’s Army;  Recognition of Various Leaders
1 Chronicles 28 David’s Last Instructions
1 Chronicles 29 The Events at the End of David's Life