Through the Eyes of a Dog

It’s a familiar sight as I get into my car every day — my dogs staring sadly out the front window at me.  Surely they must despise this odd metal box in the driveway that whisks me away from them so often. I wonder if they assume I’m being abducted every time I leave… held against my will by strange belts across my lap and chest, and doors that automatically lock me inside.

For them, a ride in the car must often feel like a scam.  The freedom of flying down the road, their head thrust triumphantly out an open window, often leaves them at the wrong end of a needle in the clinic… or maybe the recipient of a week-long stint in the kennel.  A road-trip may mean being sequestered in the luggage area on a family vacation, jostled rudely by suitcases invading their space. Why would anyone go anywhere in a car?

Just as dogs can’t possibly understand the care involved in all our methods and plans for them, so God’s ways are often far beyond our comprehension.  The vehicles He uses to lead us through life may leave us with many questions or doubts — even feelings of being somewhat cheated at times.  But our mission as believers is not to understand God’s ways.  Our mission is to trust that His plans and provision for us will work out for good.

Ecclesiastes 11:5  — Just as you cannot understand the path of the wind or the mystery of a tiny baby growing in its mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the activity of God, who does all things.”

My return home always triggers a canine victory dance in the front hallway.  Even if I’ve only been away for five minutes, the dogs celebrate my arrival as if I’ve been missing for weeks.  They’ll never understand all the ways of their master, but they’re OK with that.  They can be joyful because they trust.

– Ron Reid