The Unpopular Opinion Game

If you’re on social media, you’ve surely seen posts like this – especially these days, when anything remotely engaging is being recirculated. So what are 10 things I dislike that other people like?

1. The smell of coffee
2. Talking politics
3. Onions
4. Alcoholic beverages
5. Netflix binges
6. Seafood
7. Twitter
8. Spending a whole day at the beach
9. Hip hop music
10. Fancy restaurants

While you may agree with some of these, a list like this always shows how different we are – in a good way. I mean, coming up with a list of things everyone dislikes wouldn’t be very telling, or even much of a challenge. Stuff like… the DMV, mosquito bites, traffic jams, dental work, flat tires, pants that don’t fit, canker sores, camping in the rain, clogged toilets, stepping on Legos… See what I mean?

Individual preferences are what makes life interesting. If someone disagrees with my list, I don’t need to change and go against my own character. And having different opinions isn’t a show of disrespect.

These days, Christians hold a lot of unpopular opinions in the world. And unfortunately, our culture doesn’t take these as lightheartedly as the social media game. Many believers feel pressure to alter their viewpoints and preferences to be socially acceptable. Many churches feel burdened not to “offend” anyone about anything — even things taught in Scripture.

While we should definitely avoid being offensive, it’s important to remember that Christians are on a different page than the world. Some of the things we believe will be disagreeable to unbelievers. And that’s OK. Would it even make sense if all our opinions matched those who don’t follow Christ?

With Jesus as our example, we can still build relationships without agreeing on everything or surrendering the truths we stand for. Christians are called to love others, but it’s not wrong for us to be different. Respecting other opinions doesn’t lessen our viewpoint, and should never lower our own values.

“Respect everyone, and love the family of believers. Fear God, and respect the king.” (1 Peter 2:17)

– Ron Reid

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