Storms and Geese

Monday 10/29/12, 5:00 PM
The force of Hurricane Sandy is beyond impressive in this coastal Rhode Island town.  Violent gusts pound our house like cannon blasts; the walls groan and shudder from the sustained assault.  Outside, sheets of horizontal rain mingle with flying branches and leaves… our basketball hoop just met the pavement… the tarp tied around our firewood took on a second career as a kite…  and a runaway neighborhood trash can lid and plastic bucket just chased each other through our yard like tumbleweed in an old western classic.

Staring out the window at the ongoing commotion, my eyes finally settle on something that’s not moving:  in the middle of the barren corn field by our house stands a quiet flock of geese.  Given the circumstances, this is kind of a remarkable sight!  These birds show no signs of panic or instability.  They’re not seeking cover, not running away — just standing calmly amidst the swirling chaos.  They’re surely confused about what’s going on in their world at the moment, but they look so strong, so anchored, so… peaceful.

What an amazing example of the lifestyle God calls us to live.  Despite all that’s going on in society, and regardless of what the world throws at us, our response should be to gracefully hold our ground — strong and content wherever the Lord has put us.  We may feel confused at times, wondering when periods of turmoil will come to an end, but the Lord created us to rise up to all challenges with His help.  What a great witness we can be; anchored and at peace when the storms of life surround us.

6 hours later…  11:00 PM
Thick rain clouds have given way to a starry sky.  A brilliant full moon illuminates a surreal landscape, unmarred by the artificial glow of a functional power grid.  The wind continues to swirl, and a distant roar indicates the sea is still having its way with the coastal landscape.  But this house stood strong today, and is now resting quietly.  Like those geese in the field, and like faithful believers: peace within a storm.

Isaiah 40:29 — He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.

– Ron Reid