Snow Delay

“Oh no – more snow!”  I cried out loud, peering through the window this morning.

Picturesque images of a cozy New England winter have long lost their appeal.  Even the infamous “snow lovers” have grown curiously quiet.  You know the type… friends that trumpet impending snowstorms on Facebook or Twitter, jubilantly posting images of weather maps and snowfall predictions.  That’s all been replaced by the latest social media fad:  murals of spring scenery painted with food coloring on snow banks outside their homes!

Even my kids no longer celebrate weather-related school cancellations.  They’re running out of things to do inside.  As I type, a remote control helicopter buzzes back and forth around my head… and every so often I’m requested as a spectator for a card trick just learned on YouTube.

Just now my younger son caught me gazing out the window… flakes still falling steadily.  He asked, “Dad, do you think there will be snow like this in Heaven?”  I mock groaned, but he continued undeterred, “I think Heaven should be split up into four separate sections:  fall, winter, spring, and summer.  That way when we get sick of snow, we can just walk over to another season!”

Hey, that’s actually not a bad idea!  I wonder if God thought of that?

While we were on the subject, we Googled some verses about snow.  (Surprisingly, all those memorable biblical references to winter storms were not on the tip of my tongue).  Here’s what we found:

Job 37:6-14 – He directs the snow to fall on the earth… then everyone stops working so they can watch His power.  The wild animals take cover and stay inside their dens.  The stormy wind comes from its chamber, and the driving winds bring the cold.  God’s breath sends the ice, freezing wide expanses of water… The clouds churn about at his direction.  They do whatever He commands throughout the earth… Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!

Wow.  It’s amazing how reading a few verses of Scripture can instantly change the outlook on any given situation.  Snowfall is a clear reminder of who’s really in control.  It’s a display of great beauty, but also awesome power.  Like an artist, God can control the appearance of our entire landscape, but simultaneously bring our earthly infrastructure to a grinding halt.  Our plans and schedules are often at the mercy of the weather, and it seems that’s just the point.  God desires for us to press the pause button every once in a while… so we can simply take time to acknowledge and worship our Lord and Creator.

Be still, and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

– Ron Reid