Say Something Presidential

Hillary, Marco, Ben, Carly, Bernie, Donald… what do these candidates all have in common? Besides sparring for the same job opening, they share one dubious distinction:  virtually every word they speak will be analyzed by the entire country. 

I don’t envy these folks.  No matter what stance they take on any issue, they can expect half the population to disagree.  (Imagine 160,000,000 frowning faces in response to your next Facebook post!)

Not sure how to answer a tough question?  You’re weak.  Wavering over a controversial issue? You’re indecisive.  Prone to a random outburst?  You’re done.

Candidates often defeat themselves with a poor choice of words, but their goal isn’t simply to avoid saying the wrong thing.  They strategize and prepare the right things to say at certain times to sound… Presidential.

The story isn’t much different for Christians these days.  Whether we like it or not, Christians have been nominated as key representatives for God’s “political party.”  Yes, that means there will be debate and controversy.  Our words and actions will be scrutinized, and most folks will disagree with our viewpoint.  The question is:  how well are we representing our campaign?

Many passages in the New Testament tell us that the crowds following Jesus were “amazed” at the things He said.  At other times He answered tough questions and accusations with wise, non-confrontational responses.  This wasn’t by chance.  Jesus had done his homework and knew His stuff.  He was prepared.  He was composed.  He was well spoken.

What about us?  Do we have potential responses ready for the tough questions we know we might face?  Can we remain calm in the heat of a debate?  Will our words rise above the fray and set us apart from the rest?

Irrational words from a political candidate won’t win any votes.  Likewise, mindless or uninformed statements from Christians won’t gain respect or attract unbelievers to Christ.  Let’s prepare the words of our campaign for God and say something presidential!

Matthew 7:28-29 – When Jesus had finished saying these things, the crowds were amazed at His teaching.

– Ron Reid

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