The lights flicker several times, teasing us for a few final moments before all goes dark and quiet.  The New England weather leaves us devoid of power for the second time in three months.  Another saga begins…

It goes without saying that having no electricity for several days offers a dramatic contrast to the norm.  As I drive through a section of our small town that still has power, everything suddenly appears dazzlingly bright.  The humdrum businesses now light up like the Vegas strip — the sign for Pizza Hut looks as brilliant as The Bellagio; Dunkin’ Donuts like Caesar’s Palace.

Power in our homes brings us comfort, stability, assurance, and productivity.  There’s a heavy uneasiness that comes when that source fails.  It immediately becomes the focus of our attention, and the majority of texts between friends now consist of 3 simple words:  “Power back yet?”

Although portable generators may help keep the fridge cool and recharge our personal devices, we remain totally distracted.  For some reason it’s nearly impossible to move forward until a switch on our wall sends current to a light bulb.

Sitting in the dark, I reflect on how God fits into all of this.  As Christians, He is our ultimate source of power.  It’s in Him that we should find our absolute comfort, stability, assurance, and productivity.  But times like this give us a quick indicator of whether we’re truly relying on Him, or if we’ve become more dependent on the earthly power grid.

So how can we maintain and measure our commitment to the Lord?  Let’s challenge ourselves:
– Would a disruption in our spiritual lives be as devastating to our functionality as brief disruption to our electrical service?
– Are we truly being recharged at our weekly Bible studies and Sunday services?
– Do we earnestly yearn for God as we would yearn for the utility truck when the wires go down?

Acts 1:8 says, “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.”  Let’s focus our attention on restoring God’s full power in our daily lives, and let’s use that power to shine brightly in this dark world.

– Ron Reid