Nowhere to Hide

Monday, 4/13/2020… 2:00 PM

The storm has been raging all day. Violent gusts of wind pound our house; the walls groan and shudder from the sustained assault. Sheets of horizontal rain lash at the windows like percussionists in a drum line. A blanket of fallen branches thickens over the driveway, and a runaway trash can lid just chased through our yard like tumbleweed in an old western classic.

Staring out the window at the ongoing commotion, my eyes finally settle on something that’s not moving: barely visible in the barren corn field by our house stands a quiet flock of geese. Given the circumstances, this is an amazing sight! They show no signs of panic or instability as they stand nobly amidst the swirling chaos. Surely they don’t understand what’s happening in their world right now, but they look so strong, so anchored, so… peaceful.

I stare in awe at these birds and think: this is how God calls us to live. Whether it’s the current pandemic or any other calamity the world throws our way, our response as believers should be like that flock in the field: anchored and secure when the storms of life surround us. We may not always understand the situation, but we can be confident in the God who has placed us here — the God who has created us to withstand all challenges with His help.

8 hours later… 10:00 PM

Thick rain clouds have given way to a starry sky. The wind has quieted to a gentle breath, and a chorus of Peeper frogs fills the night air. The storm has passed, but our peace and serenity is not in the absence of storms. It’s in the presence of God.

– Ron Reid

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