If Love Was a Plane

“If love was a plane, nobody’d get on…”  

 Country music artist, Brad Paisley, puts a witty spin on life in the lyrics of most of his songs — even when dealing with more sensitive topics.  Lightheartedly comparing the odds of a successful love relationship with air travel safety is a perfect example.  Lyrics in this song continue:  “Imagine, now, the pilot’s voice on the intercom right before we leave the ground. He says, ‘folks thanks for flying with us, but there’s a six-in-ten chance we’re going down!’”

While this song is somewhat funny and sad at the same time, it got me thinking:  if my faith and witness was a plane, would anyone get on?  Is my reflection of Christ one of stability and dependability?  Would anyone want to climb aboard my spiritual ride — and sit next to me for the entire flight?  Or is my witness comparable to a pilot’s announcement that the engines on this plane need an overhaul?

A major airline once used the slogan, “We have to earn our wings every day.”  I pray I can maintain a strong daily commitment to my witness for Christ, so the people I come in contact with won’t look for an alternate mode of travel in their lives.

Matthew 5:16 — Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

– Ron Reid