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I spent the better part of last week wandering through a devious maze set up by the Internal Revenue Service.  They simply refer to it as “Form 990.”   (The level of creativity in the IRS document-titling department is remarkable.)  Form 990 is a 25-page network of perplexity to be submitted annually by non-profit organizations.  Each […]

Old Clothes

We all have one somewhere in our dresser or closet…  that old, weathered shirt that’s been around for a million years.  Or maybe it’s a trusty pair of pants, or a faithful sweatshirt.  It’s the most ancient, tattered garment in our wardrobe, but also the most unusually well-guarded.  During the occasional “weed-through-our-old-clothes” thing we all […]

Mac & Cheese

The other day I asked my son if he remembered a particular event from a family trip a couple years ago.  “Nope” — his flat-line tone clearly indicating a lack of interest.  I fed him a few details to nudge his memory, but to no avail.  A little perplexed, I half-jokingly asked, “So, do you […]

July 3rd

“The 3rd of July” just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the next day on the calendar, does it? It’s almost as if I can’t even imagine the founding fathers completing the Declaration of Independence on any other day than the 4th — it just sounds like the right day for the […]