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What’s that up in the Sky?

Standing in line with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night… it sounds like something only fanatical shoppers do on Black Friday. But deal-hunting was not on anyone’s agenda here. This crowd had gathered explore the unknown. A chance to take a peek into the depths of outer space. The moonless night […]

The Kid in the Cowboy Hat

Everyone just called him “Tex.” He was stuck with it. The poor guy relocated from a ranch outside El Paso to suburban Chicago… right smack in the middle of his senior year in high school. I’ll never forget the day Tex ambled through our classroom door. Western boots, Wrangler jeans, and a plaid button-up tucked […]

Trick-or-Treating at Willy Wonka’s

For some, Halloween is all about masks, wigs, and crazy costumes. But when I was a kid, there was only one thing that mattered: free candy. Every October, my brother and I would rummage around in the basement and piece together anything that would pass for a legit trick-or-treat disguise. It didn’t really matter what […]

What’s in the Box?

“You’re putting God in a box…” It’s a phrase I heard dozens of times when I was a kid, but never really understood. I always pictured an old shoe box… the kind us kids would use if we caught a grasshopper or caterpillar in the yard. We’d punch some air holes in the top with […]

Christians, We Can Do Better

When you think of a small town, this one was smaller. The main drag featured a run-down Sunoco and an ice cream shack that opened at dusk under dim yellow lights. Across the street, the sign on an aging diner spelled, “E A T” in large letters, and a tiny market sold a little of […]

Starbucks & Christianity

I’m not a coffee guy. Sorry. Never have been. I don’t know why. All that fappachino-mocha-latte lingo sure sounds enticing… but as much as I’ve tried, I just can’t relate to the pleasures of a warm cuppa joe. Being an outsider in java-land, the quirks and demands of the coffee-driven crowd are compelling to watch. […]

If You Could be Anyone in the World…

Back in the mid-1970s, my living room came to life every Saturday night with the lights and sirens of my favorite TV show, “Emergency!” The action virtually jumped right off our sweet 21-inch, black & white, low-def screen. I carried an “Emergency!” lunch box to school every day, and dreamed of being a paramedic like […]

So Long, Pyeong!

It’s been a fortnight of fascination… but I’ve seen enough twirling skaters with their triple whatevers and dizzying gyrations. I’ve had my fill of lycra-clad extremists hurtling through the winter air at speeds illegal for highway travel. I’ll be content without any more jumps, curls, laps or sleds of any kind until 2022. But maybe […]

Junk Mail in Heaven

500 million pieces. That’s how much mail the US Postal service processes every single day. That’s 350,000 per minute… 6,000 per second! Those are pretty impressive stats, but how much of that mail is really worthwhile? I mean, how many pieces include the words: “SALE”… “pre-approved credit”… or “Publisher’s Clearinghouse?” I never really think about […]

A Night at the Museum

Art museums all have a similar vibe, don’t they? The hushed galleries, curiously high ceilings, and nonsensical floor plans. Guards lurk in every doorway like monitors in after-school detention. Gaudy frames line every wall, and an assemblage of clothing-optional statues pose with dramatic flair – most missing a limb or two, a head or a […]