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Through the Eyes of a Dog

It was a familiar sight as I climbed into the car today: my dogs staring sadly out the front window at me.   Just moments earlier they danced circles by the door, eagerly hoping to be included… only to be disappointed… again.  Surely they must despise this contraption in the driveway that whisks me away from them so often.  […]

If aliens from another planet landed in America, they would probably conclude that all Earthlings exist for 11 months in relative frugality, only to spend the last four weeks of the year madly buying everything in sight. This year’s shopping frenzy shows no signs of departing from that trend.  But the exhilaration to shop seasonal deals masks […]

Fast Food in a Ferarri?

It was a masterpiece on wheels. The supercar glistened in the parking spot next to mine, daring anyone not to turn and stare. The tires gleamed in the sunlight like polished onyx, and glassy smooth paint glowed a deep scarlet with rich black accents. I paused to marvel at the luxurious leather seats and spotless […]

Facing the Heat

I pulled on a sweatshirt last night for the first time in months.  I guess it’s goodbye summer… and I’m OK with that.  When we think of summer, most of us picture blissful weeks of warmth and perfection, the sweet smell of flowers and freshly cut lawns.  Somehow all those visions overlook one thing:  August – a.k.a. thirty […]

Test Your Vision

I never thought the day would come. My eyesight had always been better than 20/20. I was the one who could read the most distant road signs, assemble the smallest plastic models for my kids, or find Waldo in a sea of humanity. But then it happened…  Playing a family board game a few years […]

Free Solo For Jesus

A couple months ago I endured the utter anxiety of the movie, Free Solo.  Have you seen it?  The vertigo-inducing biopic follows Alex Honnold’s quest to scale El Capitan.  Climbing this 3,000+ foot wall of sheer granite would be a harrowing feat in itself, but Alex takes it to a whole new level:  he uses no safety ropes or […]

Real Puppies and Fake Christians

Is that a real dog, or is it a stuffed animal? Pictures of our new puppy leave most people wondering if we’re just conducting photo ops with a plush toy. You can hardly blame them.  Kodi’s appearance draws gasps of admiration everywhere she goes… from friends to complete strangers — even shouts from passing car […]

Lost Without a Cell Phone

A gentle rain had been falling for hours. I stepped outside and scurried to my car… hands full, fumbling for my keys, trying to keep my stuff dry. Then the unthinkable happened: my phone slipped from my grasp. I watched in horror as it plunged, end-over-end, and splashed unceremoniously into a murky pool on the […]

Why Choose Joy?

Perhaps you’ve seen this little meme on social media — posted by one of your overzealous snow-loving friends. You know the type. They welcome an incoming storm as if it were Santa toting a bag full of goodies. They get goose bumps at the latest Doppler images and celebrate predicted snowfall accumulations like kids on […]

What’s that up in the Sky?

Standing in line with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the night… it sounds like something only fanatical shoppers do on Black Friday. But deal-hunting was not on anyone’s agenda here. This crowd had gathered explore the unknown. A chance to take a peek into the depths of outer space. The moonless night […]