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Your Child’s Rights at School

Last night my 10-year-old really shocked me. While writing a homework essay he remarked that of course he could not mention God in the essay because if he did, he would be expelled. I asked him who had told him such an outrageously untrue thing and he just shrugged and said, “Everyone knows that.” There […]

When You Think You’re Too Busy to Serve…

Hurricane Katrina. The tsunami. Not to mention the victims of poverty, addiction, a lack of education and abuse much closer to home! All day every day the media bombards us with pictures of hurting people reminding us that Jesus told us to love others and meet their needs. We want to help, yet most of […]

The Tilex Approach to Growing as a Christian

I have two huge clear glass shower doors in my bathroom. And I mean huge. The ominous expanse of these two doors is enough to give any self-respecting cleaning lady nightmares. The problem with clear glass shower doors is that they are supposed to be clear. Yet everything in nature fights against a glass shower […]

Martha vs. Mary: 6 Clues You’re Acting More like Martha than Mary

We all know the New Testament sisters Mary and Martha. And we all know that Mary comes off better in the gospels. She’s the one commended by Jesus for choosing the one thing that was necessary. She’s the one He said would be remembered down through the ages for her act of pouring perfume on […]

Learning How To Pray

Have you ever tried to pray but just didn’t know what to say? Or started to pray only to have your mind wander off so that you can’t even remember what you were praying about much less know what you should pray about next? Don’t give up! Here’s a simple solution to get you praying […]

5 Simple Ways To Weave Your Faith Into Your Life Today

Feel you’re too busy to make your faith a bigger part of your life? Does serious prayer seem like just another addition to an already over-loaded to do list? And squeezing in a Quiet Time or Bible study? Fogetaboudit??? Here are five simple ways to find time for God in your packed schedule today. Make […]

Digging into the Bible: It’s Easier than you Think

You want to read and understand the Bible but you don’t know how to begin. It seems so overwhelming, so difficult, something only a serious student could tackle. But getting a grip on the Bible need not be hard and it need not be time consuming. Here’s a simple method that will get you reading […]

Prayer in Public Schools

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Reading the Experiences of Other Christians

If in your morning devotions you open God’s word to the book of Judges and find that the strings of your inner instrument are not in tune, it is not blasphemy to excuse yourself for a few moments from the King’s library and turn to a paragraph from one of his unflinchingly faithful, broken-hearted, happy […]

Betrayed by Sleep

  There’s more betrayal during the Passion Week than just that of Judas and Peter. How about the disciples in the garden of Gethsemane? Remember that one? Jesus took some of his disciples to a secluded spot in the garden. He was sorrowful and troubled and asked them to keep watch with Him. They fell […]