Reflections by Dr. Dave’s Son, Ron Reid

Over the past several days I have read or heard variations of the phrase, “Dr. Dave was an amazing man of God” from literally hundreds of people around the world. Growing up with Dr. Dave as my father, and watching him live his life in close detail, these words stand strong and true. There was nothing to hide in my dad’s testimony, there was never a waver in his commitment, never a compromise of biblical standards in his daily life. This was a man whose joyful desire was for the Lord to lead him every single step of his life.

Although there are countless stories I could share about the great and godly father Dr. Dave was to me throughout my life, it was about 17 years ago when I began to truly understand his deep passion for the Lord. It was in the spring of 1995 when my dad asked me to work side-by-side with him as his ministry expanded. At the time, I was a working as a recording studio engineer, and he was preparing to launch a radio and CD branch of Growing Christians Ministries. It was a logical and perfect fit, and the manner and timing of how it all came together could only have been the master plan of God.

Partnered with my dad, I quickly came to appreciate that I had the rare and unique opportunity to serve both my earthly and heavenly fathers at the same time. It was also a pure blessing to listen to the words of one of the wisest and most godly men I’ve ever known as my job description. My dad cherished the chance to co-labor with his son, but I knew I had gotten the better end of the deal. He was the best boss an employee could ever ask for, and I will dearly miss his spiritual leadership and direction, and the deep appreciation he showed for my efforts.

My dad was beyond an inspiration and a role model in my life. He was my father, mentor, fellow ministry worker, teacher and friend. I watched him enthusiastically do more service for the Lord in the last 20 years of his life and in his “retirement,” than many accomplish in a lifetime. The 39 years he spent building up Growing Christians Ministries was a monumental labor of love for his Creator. Through it all, he never grew weary, never complained, and never sought acclaim or any form of financial reward for his tireless efforts.

In recent years, one of my father’s greatest desires was that his life’s work would continue to be used in mighty ways even after he left this earth. I’m humbled and awed that he entrusted his website ministry to me for that purpose. For years I’ve witnessed firsthand the immeasurable impact my father had on thousands of people around the world. What an awesome blessing to know the Lord will continue that work through the amazing legacy he left behind for us all.