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Layering Prayer Into Your Day #2

Here are some other ideas for “layering” prayer into your day: –Pick a task you do repeatedly throughout the day and use that as a trigger to pray briefly. For example, whenever you save a document or wash your hands, you can pause for a moment, thanking God for His presence and asking for His […]

Layering Prayer Into Your Day

Back to this idea of layering-—consciously adding prayer, Bible reading and time spent with God in small bits and pieces throughout the day until these times become ingrained habits, until they are part of the normal pattern of our days. When I first began my layering experiment, I decided to use various things I do […]

A Layered Approach to Spiritual Growth

What is my obsession with habits anyway? I’ll tell you how it came about. A few years ago I resolved for about the two hundredth time to make God and my spiritual growth a priority. I had failed miserably at this in the past, and I knew it was because my ideas were always too […]

Time to Check Our Habits!

Well, I guess I am finally forced to admit that summer is over. Things are settling down into a Fall routine. The back-to-school clothes and supplies have been bought, the kids’ bus schedule has begun to normalize, and we’ve gotten used to the alarm going off at the outrageously early hour now necessary since my […]

Showing Up to Learn

Several of my blogs lately have reflected something that I have been learning: that we grow not through our own self-effort but through the Holy Spirit’s effort in our lives. Yet as soon as I think I have grasped that truth, I am bombarded with teaching about how we need to work at our spiritual […]

Walking through the Door

I’ve been chatting via email with my aunt for several days on the difficulty of writing about spiritual habits. It can sound like I’m saying we have a check list of things we must do each day in order to be “good” Christians. Encouraging people to pray and read their Bibles daily can be misinterpreted […]

Letting the Sap Flow from the Vine

I’ve been reading a book by V. Raymond Edman (President of Wheaton College from 1940-1965) about Christians who “found the secret” of abundant life in Christ. In the very varied experiences of each person profiled there seems to be one common theme. Early on they tried hard to follow Christ and become more Christ-like only […]

Developing Habits Leads to Success

If you are at all interested in blogging, you’re probably aware and the advice of professional blogger Darren Rowse. Even if you’re not interested in blogging, you’ll want to read his post on Wednesday about habits: I was speaking via email this week with a professional tennis player about blogging and they asked me the […]

Nurturing the Life Within #4

I know a woman who went to great lengths to ensure the healthy birth of her baby. She ate tons of vegetables, insisted on natural childbirth, even stopped cooking with aluminum pots because she read that aluminum coming off the pots could be dangerous to her fetus. Oddly, however, she continued to drink White Russians—a […]

Nurturing the Life Within #3

When you compare nurturing an unborn child through pregnancy and nurturing your spiritual life, you immediately think of the changes you make to diet during pregnancy. You start eating and drinking the right things—things that will make the baby grow—and you stop eating and drinking things that will harm the baby. Similarly, when you want […]