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Unanswered” Oración

My daily email from Back to the Bible today contained an excerpt from Elisabeth Elliot which is exactly what I had been planning to blog about. Since Elisabeth Elliot undoubtedly writes better and with more experience and authority than I do, I’ll let her say it: News came one day which indicated that a matter […]

Praying with Faith in God’s Answer

Elisabeth Elliot writes in A Lamp For My Feet: Sometimes when I was a child my mother or father would say, “Shut your eyes and hold out your hand.That was the promise of some lovely surprise. I trusted them, so I shut my eyes instantly and held out my hand. Whatever they were going to […]

Praying Without Ceasing

A year or so ago I caught the flu. Now I have often thought that being confined to bed for a couple days with nothing to do would be like heaven on earthbut of course it wasn’t. It was awful. And it happened at a time in my life that I was longing to have […]

Rezar oraciones simples #2

Henri Nouwen se expande en la idea de oraciones simples en su libro, El Camino del Corazón: Cuando simplemente tratamos de sentarse en silencio y esperar a que Dios nos hable, nos vemos bombardeados con un sinfín de pensamientos e ideas conflictivas. Pero cuando usamos una frase muy simple, como "Oh Dios, llegar a […]

Rezar oraciones simples

Do you wonder how to pray? Do you think to yourself, “What good is it to set aside time to pray each day if I don’t even know what I should say?” Here is helpful advice from John Climacus, a 7th century Christian monk: When you pray, do not try to express yourself in fancy […]

Resurrection Power for Your Habits

When we try to establish good habits that increase our time with God and our capacity to hear His voice, we begin to realize how very often we fail. We get busy; we get tired; we forget. We become conscious of “the body of death” that we are lugging around. (En Romanos 7, Pablo escribió: […]

April Habits

It’s the beginning of April and time to stretch ourselves a bit and add another new habit. This month, while you keep up with the habits we’ve already established, try to add two minutes of Old Testament reading to each day. The easiest way to do this, I think, is to read one psalm a day. […]

Giving God Time

Andrew Murray wrote in The Secret of Adoration: Take time. Give God time to reveal Himself to you.Give yourself time to be silent and quiet before Him, waiting to receive, through the Spirit, the assurance of His presence with you, His power working in you. Take time to read His Word as in His presence, that from it […]

Praying about the Small Stuff

A few days ago a reader asked me who G. Campbell Morgan was. George Campbell Morgan was a well-known British preacher in the early 1900s. His main focus was Bible exposition—in other words, explaining the Bible—and teaching people to study the Bible on their own. The best G. Campbell Morgan story I know is this: […]

Hearing God’s Voice This Weekend

Pascal wrote, “I have discovered that all the unhappiness of men arises from one single fact, that they cannot stay quietly in their own chamber.As we head into the weekend—which for many of us is even busier than our busy workweek—try to carve out a little time to be quiet and alone with God. […]