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Praying Like a Kid #2 (Or How God Answers Like a Parent)

Back to Connor and his pumpkin… There are several circumstances in which I will not get a pumpkin for my one-track mind son and it occurs to me that they can teach me something about God’s reactions to my prayers. I will not take Connor to get a pumpkin: –if he storms in and demands […]

Praying Like a Kid

There’s another characteristic of a child’s conversations with his parent that I think Christ wants us to understand when we pray:persistence. When a child asks Dad for something, he is a broken record. He has a one-track mind. He just keeps on asking day and night. Right now my son is focused on getting a […]

Prayer: A Quick Cell Phone Call Home

While we’re talking about prayer, here’s something I learned recently… My 10-year-old son did sleep-away camp for the first time this summer. Now sleep-away camps are a lot different today than they were when we were kids. At least his was. He was welcome—in fact, he was encouraged–to call us by cell phone at anytime. […]

Continuing to Cast My Cares on Him

Last March I wrote about that ever-nerve-wracking subject of our son’s teacher placement. For me, class placement has always been scary. I have virtually no control over it. And, even if I could influence the teacher selection, I have no idea which teacher is best for our son. In short, I am completely unable to […]

Layering Prayer Into Your Day #3

Another way that I have layered more prayer into my life is by training myself to pray anytime I wake up in the night. I am a person who falls back asleep pretty quickly but I can usually manage to pray a thought or two, something like–“Thank you God that the alarm is not going […]

Layering Prayer Into Your Day #2

Here are some other ideas for “layering” prayer into your day: –Pick a task you do repeatedly throughout the day and use that as a trigger to pray briefly. For example, whenever you save a document or wash your hands, you can pause for a moment, thanking God for His presence and asking for His […]

Layering Prayer Into Your Day

Back to this idea of layering-—consciously adding prayer, Bible reading and time spent with God in small bits and pieces throughout the day until these times become ingrained habits, until they are part of the normal pattern of our days. When I first began my layering experiment, I decided to use various things I do […]

A Layered Approach to Spiritual Growth

What is my obsession with habits anyway? I’ll tell you how it came about. A few years ago I resolved for about the two hundredth time to make God and my spiritual growth a priority. I had failed miserably at this in the past, and I knew it was because my ideas were always too […]

Time to Check Our Habits!

Well, I guess I am finally forced to admit that summer is over. Things are settling down into a Fall routine. The back-to-school clothes and supplies have been bought, the kids’ bus schedule has begun to normalize, and we’ve gotten used to the alarm going off at the outrageously early hour now necessary since my […]

Showing Up to Learn

Several of my blogs lately have reflected something that I have been learning: that we grow not through our own self-effort but through the Holy Spirit’s effort in our lives. Yet as soon as I think I have grasped that truth, I am bombarded with teaching about how we need to work at our spiritual […]