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Developing Habits Leads to Success

If you are at all interested in blogging, you’re probably aware and the advice of professional blogger Darren Rowse. Even if you’re not interested in blogging, you’ll want to read his post on Wednesday about habits: I was speaking via email this week with a professional tennis player about blogging and they asked me the […]

Nurturing the Life Within #4

I know a woman who went to great lengths to ensure the healthy birth of her baby. She ate tons of vegetables, insisted on natural childbirth, even stopped cooking with aluminum pots because she read that aluminum coming off the pots could be dangerous to her fetus. Oddly, however, she continued to drink White Russians—a […]

Nurturing the Life Within #3

When you compare nurturing an unborn child through pregnancy and nurturing your spiritual life, you immediately think of the changes you make to diet during pregnancy. You start eating and drinking the right things—things that will make the baby grow—and you stop eating and drinking things that will harm the baby. Similarly, when you want […]

Nurturing the Life Within #2

I was reading The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn today and I realized Jesus made the same point I was struggling to make yesterday about perspective and priority. He made it in a single verse. “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then […]

Nurturing the Life Within #1

Mother’s Day has made me think of lessons I learned during pregnancy about nurturing the life within. (I need to thank my aunt who sent me a tape during my pregnancy days of a Mother’s Day talk she gave at her church. Some of these insights are definitely hers. Thanks Marnie!) The thing about pregnancy is […]

Where Should I Focus My Time?

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder where I should focus my time. There are so many things vying for my attention and they all seem like they should be given a high priority. I feel like if I could focus on just one thing, I could make some headway—but what should that […]

Getting What You Need to Grow from the Bible

Here’s something to try this month as you read the Old and New Testaments. Take a minute to jot down the theme of each chapter you have just read. I do this right in my Bible at the beginning of the chapter. (I have The Inductive Study Bible that has blanks at the beginning of […]

Spiritual Habits and High Cholesterol

I have high cholesterol. You wouldn’t know it to look at me. I look relatively healthy. And I haven’t done anything all that “bad” in terms of lifestyle to warrant such disastrous cholesterol numbers. The thing is, I inherited a tendency to high cholesterol. Bummer. So to combat the natural tendency inherent in my body, […]

Spiritual Habits–Taking Advantage of the Nutrients God Offers

Last fall my husband and I rescued six azalea bushes that were “trapped” underneath an overgrown evergreen tree in our front yard. The azaleas were being choked by the tree’s roots and received virtually no sun. They were slowly headed toward certain death. We transplanted them to the backyard, enriched the soil around them, added […]

Spiritual Habits: Obligations or Opportunities?

Sometimes talking about developing steady spiritual habits of daily prayer and Bible reading can sound pretty legalistic. I worry that I sound like a broken record– repeating a list of arduous and boring tasks that everyone has already heard hundreds of times—when I am actually trying to help others walk through an open door to […]