The Growing Christians Devotional blog contains short, timely posts by Ron Reid and Catherine Reid.

Power of Bible Reading

Why make it a habit to read the Bible? Especially when there are lots of great Christian books to read, Bible studies to attend and sermons to download, all of which seem more readily digestible and practical than reading a bit of the Bible each day? Here’s Dallas Willard’s thoughts on the unique effectiveness of […]

The Life of Faith

A couple weeks ago my husband and I rented the movie, The Lake House, in which a man and a woman discover that somehow they are living two years apart in time but that they can communicate through the medium of a mailbox at the lake house. She is living in 2006. He is still back […]

Small Steps to Spiritual Transformation

I’m currently reading Revolution of Character by Dallas Willard and Don Simpson, so, as always when I’m reading Dallas Willard, expect a lot of quotes: I believe one reason so many people fail to immerse themselves in the life described in the New Testament is that is so unlike their own experience. This is true even though […]

Keeping Priorities Straight When Life’s Little Disasters Strike

Last Thursday morning I was in the kitchen—the start of a normal day I thought—when I heard an ominous sound. It sounded like water dripping in the family room. Sure enough, water was dripping fast through the first floor family room ceiling from a shower on the floor above. And so began a home repair […]

Praying Like a Kid #3 (Or Saying Thank You with a Clean Heart)

Well, you will be relieved to hear that we finally purchased the pumpkin. The best part of the event for me of course was when Connor jumped into the car after picking his pumpkin and said happily, “Thanks, Mom.” Amazingly, as he said thanks he looked down at his feet and his pumpkin and realized […]

Praying Like a Kid #2 (Or How God Answers Like a Parent)

Back to Connor and his pumpkin… There are several circumstances in which I will not get a pumpkin for my one-track mind son and it occurs to me that they can teach me something about God’s reactions to my prayers. I will not take Connor to get a pumpkin: –if he storms in and demands […]

Praying Like a Kid

There’s another characteristic of a child’s conversations with his parent that I think Christ wants us to understand when we pray:persistence. When a child asks Dad for something, he is a broken record. He has a one-track mind. He just keeps on asking day and night. Right now my son is focused on getting a […]

Prayer: A Quick Cell Phone Call Home

While we’re talking about prayer, here’s something I learned recently… My 10-year-old son did sleep-away camp for the first time this summer. Now sleep-away camps are a lot different today than they were when we were kids. At least his was. He was welcome—in fact, he was encouraged–to call us by cell phone at anytime. […]

Continuing to Cast My Cares on Him

Last March I wrote about that ever-nerve-wracking subject of our son’s teacher placement. For me, class placement has always been scary. I have virtually no control over it. And, even if I could influence the teacher selection, I have no idea which teacher is best for our son. In short, I am completely unable to […]

Layering Prayer Into Your Day #3

Another way that I have layered more prayer into my life is by training myself to pray anytime I wake up in the night. I am a person who falls back asleep pretty quickly but I can usually manage to pray a thought or two, something like–“Thank you God that the alarm is not going […]