1001 Strange but True Facts

– A flying snake can flatten its body like a wing and glide for distances over 300 feet.

– The tongue of a blue whale can weigh more than an adult elephant.

My son, Dave, loves reading books of interesting facts like these.  He pores over the pages, offering a cascade of odd knowledge to anyone within earshot as he goes along…
– The Goliath bird-eating spider is wider than a basketball.
– Certain beetles use the stars to navigate.
– An electric eel can deliver jolts of electricity of over 800 volts.

These tidbits always lead to great conversations about God’s amazing creation.  In fact, most of these books could easily be re-titled: “1001 Reasons why Evolution is a Far-Fetched Theory”!

A few days ago Dave paused while reading and said excitedly, “Dad, I can’t wait to get to Heaven because there are so many questions I want to ask God!”  I smiled…  I truly believe that boy thinks about Heaven more than anyone else on the planet.  “Yeah, that will be awesome!” I replied, and then added, “It might take a while for everyone to get a turn to ask God their questions, but we’ll definitely have plenty of time.”

Dave quickly corrected my notion as if he had been pondering this scenario for weeks.  He said that God will already know the exact questions each individual person has, and He can instantly create a custom printed book of amazing facts and photos for each person in Heaven with all the specific answers!

I applauded his perpetual inspiration, but it got me thinking about how often I underestimate the creative potential of God.  Here I envisioned the residents of Heaven waiting in line for God like they were registering new plates at the DMV.  Meanwhile, Dave’s vision had God handing out personally signed hardcovers – excited recipients eagerly flipping through the pages like classmates exploring new yearbooks in June.

Sometimes it’s hard for us adults to maintain a child-like imagination in our spiritual lives.  We get stuck in our ways and thought patterns.  We form routines.  We think things have to be said or done in a certain way to please God.  But why?  A quick look around creation assures us that God has an intense passion for variety.  He’s created an incredibly diverse universe with millions of unexpected treasures and surprises.  It only makes sense that He would appreciate a wide variety of worshipful responses from His people.

So let’s open our hearts and minds to be creative with new ideas in our churches and our own spiritual lives.  Let’s be innovative when we witness to others, and use our imagination as we serve Him.  Let’s think outside the box as God does – using our unique gifts and talents to honor Him in creative ways.  I’m sure the Lord would LOVE to read a book entitled, “1001 Different and Amazing Ways to Worship God”!

1 Corinthians 12:4-6 (ESV) – Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone.

– Ron Reid